FFVII Episodes – Opinion

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Re: FFVII’s new episodic nature.

Lets do a run down, shall we?

So, first up; business and economics. We know that a split version of FFVII will allow SE to gross more than if it were just a single version. This in turn generates more revenue for the franchise, and shows continued interest in development of FFVII. This then allows tem to expand the later episodes and add in more detail. The episode format also allows them to add in extra content to each section as DLC, if needed, and allows for easier distribution due to smaller downloads per secion. If they remade everything in the original game (they’re not, but they’re still making a frakkin’ huge game), then it would be simply too large for people to feasibly download and install.

Next, Storyline. The original game lends itself well to the idea of being split into individual sections: The first disc ran over-long compared with discs one and two, so i can see it being sectioned up – but the other discs bookended the story very well from one to the next. I can see the first 10 hours in Midgar being its own episode entirely, and that would make sense: the original left a lot of loose ends when they just left for Kalm. So, yes, i think it does make sense, and i do think the original storyline easily supports it. Maybe the flashback will be it’s own episode? we wont know until we can see how big the first episode is.

Finally, Content – does it support it? Is it necessary? Of course it does, and it sure is! There were so many unheard stories, so many hinted-at adventures that happened off-screen in FFVII, that if we can now hear those stories via Focussed Episodes, extra narrative viewpoints, or extra content in some way, then I’m happy. If it actually allows them to fully explore the world they created in the 90’s, to focus in on the individual stories with more detail in each episode, then I’m all for it.

So, to quickly recap:

Story supports being split up
Allows for more focussed content in each episode instead of a broad overview
Episodes mean smaller downloads, easier to distribute
Makes more money for the company leading to better development on later episodes
More opportunities for DLC + expanded story

So, my verdict? This is a good thing, and I’m kind of excited about it. Sometimes, change is for the better.

Will I be made to eat my words by SE?

Almost certainly.

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The Reverend Plays Landmark Beta (EverQuest Next)

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Your’s truly, ReverendRyu, takes a first look, nay, more a wild stab in the dark at Landmark Beta – and fails to miss the mark. Oh the joys of woefully optimised games, buggy betas, and AMD-card-related nonsensical chicanery.

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New Design – Cosmo Canyon Remix

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Cosmo Canyon Remix - ReverendRyu

It’s been so long since I created original Cosmo Canyon design; so I decided to give it a modern overhaul! I hope you like this updated design as much as I enjoyed making it!

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New Design – “Do What You Can” Typography Print

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Do what you can Typography Tee

Greater Anglia Apology after Chelmsford Delays cause Rush Hour Chaos – Rebuttal

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From Essex Chronicle:

GREATER Anglia has apologised after commuters endured delays of more than three hours due to overhead wire problems at Chelmsford.

Travellers were stuck on trains between London and Shenfield from around 4.30pm, after overhead wire damage caused a train to fail at Chelmsford.

The delays caused one of the two tracks to be blocked between Ingatestone and Hatfield Peverel while the faulty train was eventually recovered at around 7.15pm.

Greater Anglia’s managing director Jamie Burles said: “I would like to apologise for the delays and cancellations that affected our Mainline services throughout the evening.

“These were caused by an overhead power line problem between Chelmsford and Hatfield Peverel which resulted in a train failing, blocking one of the two lines.

“Whilst we aimed to provide alternative services wherever possible, the reduced line capacity did unfortunately result in lengthy delays for many customers.

“We will be holding a full investigation into the incident with Network Rail as part of our follow-up to help avoid any repeat of this problem and the widespread disruption caused.”


Pathetic lip service paid to the public once again, while completely cutting off the South of Essex. Hundreds of Thousands of people, their days ruined after an already long day of work ,and what do we get? a ****y sorry and a transparent attempt at placation via an “inquiry”. What on earth are we paying Abellio GA Thousands of pounds a year for, because last time I checked, it was for TRAINS THAT WORKED AND WERE MAINTAINED PROPERLY.

The real shocker here was that AbellioGA assigned only a single person to their twitter service – thousands of people flooded the account with requests for information, yet only a single person responded. and not even on the main GreaterAnglia account – people were constantly referred to the #Chelmsford Twitter search results, which obviously included a great deal of spam and irrelevant messages.

As a person that has handled Social Media Engagement for a number of high ranking organisations, and who is currently providing consultations on how to use social media, yesterday evening was a real eye opener as to how Abellio views its customers. Half their network crippled, and one single person’s terse responses to respond to the public outcry; It was some of the worst use of twitter to relay vital information I had ever witnessed, constantly creating information vacuums that customers then filled with rage-induced hyperbole.

Either AbellioGA learn from this calamitous disaster of public engagement, or they will continue to lose public favour.

Read more at essexchronicle.co.uk

New Artwork – Up On Melancholy Hill

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Up on Melancholy HillUp on Melancholy Hill B&W


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CTA – Walking Out Of Darkness

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Hey guys – My partner Kat Cormack is going to be taking part in CLASP‘s Walk out of Darkness – a 5 mile, 10 mile and 25 mile overnight walk mainly along the Thames Path.  You can head over to Kat’s JustGiving Page to directly support her – I’ll be right alongside Kat for this, and hopefully livestreaming it too – so get involved, pledge what you can, and let’s give Diabetics with EDs the support the so deserve!1609905_296372810530512_5327293250128967976_n